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Papers On Art and on Art History - F.A.Q.
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Q.  How does one use this site to find Art papers?

A:  It's as simple as a mouse-click! Just use the list of papers button above and you'll find yourself browsing through our current list of art papers... within seconds! 

Q. Can I preview a paper before I buy it?
A:  Sure! All you have to do is send us an email containing the advertised .wps file name(s) of the particular paper(s) in which you're interested and within just a few short hours you'll receive our reply with full page excerpts from each of the title(s) you requested!

Q:  How quickly will I receive the paper that I order?
A:  Within a few short hours!  All orders are processed the SAME DAY they're placed! You can even choose between email or fax for delivery. If neither of these two methods appeals to you, Federal Express delivery exists as a third, but slower option.

Q:  How much are your papers?
A:  Existing papers on-file are only $9.95/pg and include a FREE bibliography.  Customized research (where we are commissioned to have a NEW document created at your request) is only $custom papers/pg and will also include a FREE bibliography as well.  

Q: How, exactly, is a "page" defined?
A:  Our definition of "one page" is quite normal indeed! Each page sold includes no less than 225 words of text based on standard Courier 12 pt font with 2.0 spacing. We do not inflate page sizes to increase revenue.

Q: I'm having trouble locating my topic in the database of existing papers - what can I do?
A:  If you've looked..and looked.. through our paper list but haven't found what you're looking for... we can STILL help you!  Just click the
custom Order button to submit your request for customized, specific research. Then, -- YOU get to tell us specifically what you're researching and even WHEN you need help by! We GUARANTEE that our work WILL be completed by sunrise following the date requested... or your paper is ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Q: What are your qualifications?
A:  Our staff of experienced researchers and writers have been working for Art-Papers.Com since 1994 and can produce research on virtually any related topic imaginable! Remember!: We've been helping students from around the world since 1994. Art-Papers.Com is owned by The Paper Store Enterprises, Inc.--- located at 38 Parry Drive, Hainesport, NJ.  Our contracted researchers have been contributing to our database of papers longer than most students have even been in college!!! 

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: The most commonly used form of payment at Art-Papers.Com is credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover are accepted). We do also welcome payments by check, money order, and cash payments made via Western Union! See our order forms for complete payment details & instructions.

Q:  What if I don't like the paper that I receive?
A:  Unfortunately, as research is an intangible item and simply can't be "returned," Art-Papers.Com maintains a strict no refund/no cancellation policy. To ensure satisfaction, we do recommend that prospective customers request free one page excerpts prior to making their purchase.  That way, those interested get to view portions of our work prior to actually purchasing it. When it comes to the case of those ordering customized research, we guarantee our assistance WILL adhere to the specifications to which we agree at the time of order or we'll revise our document's content at no extra charge! Remember: All work remains the intellectual property of our company and its contracted writers - students are 100% responsible for citing Art-Papers.Com as sources in their own bibliographies.